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MADDISON PACK is a jazz quartet that was born in 2012, initially formed by clarinetist Javier Calvo Peralta and bassist Ernesto Calvo Soria. In 2016 the pianist Noel Redolar joined the band. The actual formation of the quartet being defined one year later, with the joining of Israel Tubilleja on drums.

In November 2017, Maddison Pack played at the 34th edition of the "Jazz Festival of Zaragoza", where they shared stage with Kenny Barron, former pianist of Dizzy Gillespie, and also with the italian pianist Dado Moroni:



Currently, the Maddison Pack components have just finished, in the Audiovisual Laboratory of the “Centro de Historias” in Zaragoza (Spain), the recording of the seven musical tracks that will form the new album of the quartet entitled "626 Club". In this album, the writer and journalist Antón Castro (who dedicates a story entitled “A visit to the Jazz Club”), the photographer Javier Cruces (master of photography winner of three Goya awards) and the painter Cesar Sanchez, will collaborate. “626 Club” will be available soon.


In addition, Maddison Pack continues to play in national jazz and blues concerts, at festivals of the genre such as the 25th edition of the "Mostra de Jazz de Tortosa", edition that counted also with the participation of the clarinetist Paquito de Rivera or the violinist Ara Malikian and also in other scenarios of musical diffusion like clubs, etc.


Maddison Pack is especially concerned in making jazz music available in environments where culture is generated, with a predilection for the university environment, for which the quartet offers didactic proposals such as its latest project "Journey to the heart of Jazz".



Curricular reviews of the members of the quartet:

Ernesto Calvo Soria - Bass

Ernesto Calvo

Ernesto Calvo Soria

He was born in Zaragoza (1974).

He was born in Zaragoza (1974). Ernesto Calvo studied at the Professional Conservatory of Tarazona (Zaragoza), and soon became interested in different musical styles: Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz... With the rock band "LOS WALKER", in 1997 he has won the first national contest for young talents "JEREZ-SUR" and he has been also one of the finalists in several rock contests.

He has played in bands like Distrito14, Juan Caballero, Mr. Persona… And he has recorded with some important Spanish music producers.

In the last few years, he has devoted himself passionately to classic jazz music and he has been played with different formations like “Blueberry cats”, “Royal Roots”, and nowadays with “Maddison Pack”..

Javier Calvo Peralta - Clarinet

Javier Calvo

Javier Calvo Peralta

He was born in Tarazona (1976).

Javier Calvo Peralta (1976) began studying the clarinet at the Professional Music Conservatory of Tarazona. He completed his training obtaining a degree in the Superior Conservatory of Zaragoza. He also has a degree in Arts, Geography and History from Zaragoza University.

He has attended seminars, courses and master classes, taught by top professional musicians such as Maite Berrueta, Adolfo Garcés and Ramón Sobrino.

He continued as a classical performer in chamber music trio "In-Harmony”. He has played jazz music with different formations: "Duo Alchemy", "Blueberry cats", "Royal Roots", and now “Maddison Pack”, always choosing classic jazz with a pure acoustic sound.

Noel Redolar Cortés - Piano

Noel Redolar

Winner of 32 prizes in national and international piano competitions.

He was born in Zaragoza on 26 December 2000. He began his music and piano studies at the age of five and nowadays he continues his training in The Elementary and Professional Conservatory of Zaragoza.

Currently he is studying the Superior Degree in piano at the CSMA - Superior Conservatory of Music of Aragón.

Winner of 32 prizes in national and international piano competitions and “Excellency Award 2015” to the young person musical talent in Aragon (Spain). He combines his classic training with his training in jazz, taking regularly part in masterclasses and courses given by musicians of recognized prestige. His compositions for piano are already part of some documentaries and advertising spots as, for example, the advertisement of «Aspanoa 2015» and the documentary for Aragón TV «Thousand stories of the Fiestas del Pilar». He has performed as a soloist in major cities of our country.

He is member of the quartet Maddison Pack since 2016.
Web: www.noelredolar.com

Israel Tubilleja - Drums

Israel Tubilleja

Professional drummer born in Zaragoza.

Professional drummer born in Zaragoza. He is currently settled in this city where he exercises principally his professional activity. He has lived in Barcelona and Madrid, sharing the stage in the most emblematic places with the most relevant musicians of his generation.


- Humphrey and the farmers – “Doin´ the farmer thing”, Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 2015

- The Cominmens –  “Escenas”, Youkalimusic, 2015

- Belen Gómez – “Al natural”, Youkalimusic, 2014.

- Max Canalda 4et  – “Punjab”, mans-paidea records, 2013.

Reseña de tomajazz.

- Perro Verde –  “Seres Cromáticos”, Delicias discográfica, 2009.

- Adolfo Lopez Quartet – “El retorno de las hadas”, Delicias discográfica, 2008.

- Bronski – “El sueño más largo”, Junk Records, 2007.


He is member of the quartet Maddison Pack since 2017.