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Foto festival

Saturday, November 18, 2017.


At 10.00 p.m., Ernesto Calvo, Noel Redolar, Javier Calvo and Israel Tubilleja, components of Maddison Pack, appear on the stage of the “Sala Multiusos-Auditorio” of Zaragoza, they begin the jazz evening on Saturday night.

The first chords of "Warming" begin to sound, an energetic song of the new album on which the quartet is working.

Maddison Pak continues with the swing of "Farewell blues" (Mares, Roppolo, Schoebel) and a torn "Summertime" (Gerswing). At this point the audience is devoted to the jazz and blues that is playing. They continue with the Swing-bop of "Seven come eleven" (B. Goodman-Charlie Christian) and the blues song "After Hours" (Avery Parrish). The band likes to introduce swing-bop songs at the beginning of their live shows to warm up the atmosphere.

Then, with the brilliant pianist Noel Redolar, Maddison Pack pays homage to Thelonius Monk on his centenary. Next, the four play a wild "A Smooth One" (B. Goodman) with swing-bop style.

Maddison Pack calms down and shows its most intimate and melodic side with the song "Koto Song" (D. Bruveck).

To end the concert, the quartet plays another song of the new album, an incisive melody entitled "First song."

The evening continued with two monsters of the piano, KENNY BARRON and DADO MORONI with their show "MONK BY TWO". Essentially incredible.

Maddison Pack with Kenny BarronMaddison Pack with Kenny Barron

Maddison Pack with Dado MoroniMaddison Pack with Dado Moroni

Maddison PackMaddison Pack. By Alfredo Bravo