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Zaragoza Jazz Festival

On Saturday, November 18, at the Auditorio de Zaragoza, Maddison Pack will give a jazz&blues concert in the 34th EDITION OF THE ZARAGOZA JAZZ FESTIVAL.

We will play our "Classic jazz & blues 2107" program, a careful selection of themes of jazz&blues in tribute to the great jazz musicians: Bruveck, Goodman, Bechet, Coltrane…., especially to Thelonius Monk, pianist of reference in the history of the jazz who would have turned 100 years the past 10 of October. We will also interpret our own themes.

At the moment we are in the process of creating a new work with our compositions that we are integrating in the usual program of our concerts and that soon we will publish.

On that same day, the Italian pianist Dado Moroni and the legendary Kenny Barron (Dizzy Gillespie pianist in the 60s) will appear with the show "Monk by 2" in tribute to the centennial of Thelonius Monk.



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