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From October 7 to 9, the 6th edition of Villanoir was held in Villanúa, a festival that revolves around the “noir” gender, not only in literature, but also in music (jazz), drawing, illustration (comics )... a very special festival in a Pyrenean setting that organizes conferences, round tables, debates and talks at the Villanúa Hostel.
On Friday the 7th of October in the afternoon, Maddison Pack had the pleasure, just like last year in the 5th edition of the festival, of inaugurating the festival with an authentic jazz concert in the Villanúa Hostel room. The quartet wanted to offer a very special repertoire where they reviewed the songs from the album "626 Club" ("First Song", "Maddy", "626Club"...), they performed electrifying swing songs, songs with a blues flavor and for this occasion, they premiered live a song from the upcoming album "April 1959" entitled "Evans Smile".

In this edition of the festival we were able to find figures such as the illustrator Sagar and the writer Salva Rubio, authors of the graphic work "Thousands in Paris", authors such as Cristina Hombrados, Javier Marquina and Juanfer Briones, regulars at the VillaNoir of the Aragonese Association of Authors de Comic (AAAC), the also criminologist Paz Velasco de la Fuente, the journalist and literary critic of El País Berna González Harbour, the writers Ana Ballabriga and David Zaplana... and Ricardo Bosque, writer and director of the festival that will be one of the collaborators of the new Maddison Pack album entitled "April 1959" with the black genre story entitled "Bill Evans's glasses".