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JAZZ ON (36 edition of  the Zaragoza Jazz Festival)

Last Sunday, November 10, Maddison Pack appeared on the stage of a crowded Hall of Acts of the University Civic Center (Zaragoza) to offer a concert of genuine Jazz&Blues.
The quartet started the concert with "Warming", the first song of "626 Club", the new album that they recorded last July and which will be released next December.

They continued to warm up the atmosphere with swing, be-bop, blues and songs from the new album. In this concert, as a novelty, the great pianist Noel Redolar performed an original piano version of "Las quejas o la maja y el ruiseñor (Enrique Granados)", and Javier Calvo (clarinet and flute) played a “Jethro” flute in a version of the song "Round (Jethro Tull)". Ernesto Calvo (double bass) with "Black sound", and Israel Tubilleja (drums) with his "Pink Sauce Tears" (both songs of "626 Club"), intensified the jazz club atmosphere in the room.
Responding to the hot and insistent applause, Maddison Pack offered to a grateful audience two classic Jazz songs: the swing "Smooth One (B. Goodman and C. Christian) and "Take five" (D. Bruveck).

Israel Tubilleja

Noel Redolar

Ernesto Calvo

Javier Calvo