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JAZZ ON (36 edition of  the Zaragoza Jazz Festival)

Last Sunday, November 10, Maddison Pack appeared on the stage of a crowded Hall of Acts of the University Civic Center (Zaragoza) to offer a concert of genuine Jazz&Blues.
The quartet started the concert with "Warming", the first song of "626 Club", the new album that they recorded last July and which will be released next December.

Maddison Pack

in the recording studio

Monday, July 22, 2019, Maddison Pack musicians start recording the new album "626 Club" at the Audiovisual Laboratory of the "Centro de Historias" of Zaragoza.

Around 11.00 am, everything ready on the studio, Israel (drums) introduces four measures of a fast be-bob rhythm. Ernesto (double bass), Noel (piano) and Javier (clarinet) attack the melody with force, the record of "First song" begun. The studio seems to transform into a Jazz Club. Master photographer Javier Cruces immortalizes with his camera moments of this first recording session.

During the rest of the week the seven tracks that will form the album are recorded:
1. "Warming", 2. "Jittery", 3. "Maddy", 4. "First song", 5. "Black sound", 6. "Pink sauce tears", 7. "626 Club".