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Maddison Pack

Maddison Pack Official Store. For the purchase of any item, you can contact us through any of these channels:

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You can also purchase certain items in physical stores, although our entire catalog may not be in stock.

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Maddison Pack, vinilo 626 Club

Year 2022

BOOK+DOUBLE VINYL (12' and 7')

Special Limited Edition of 110 units that includes a double vinyl that is integrated into a BOOK with texts, paintings, illustrations of the collaborating artists and photographs of the Maddison Pack concert in the Luis Galve Hall of the Zaragoza Auditorium on January 30, 2021. The small mini vinyl contains 4 bonus tracks only available in this format.

Price: €30 + Shipping costs

"626 CLUB"

Disco 626 Club

Year 2019


It includes seven original songs that will take you to a dream Jazz Club (it also contains four takes of the melody of the song "626 Club" and an audio story).

Price: €12 + Shipping costs