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Last Monday, February 10, at 7:00 p.m., Maddison Pack presented its new album “626 Club” at the Caja Rural Building in Aragón (Zaragoza), one of the most beautiful modernist buildings in Spain. With all invitations sold out, more than 300 people witnessed the staging of this new work in the Assembly Hall of the building, which, together with the seven original songs of the quartet, included the reading of the story entitled “A visit to the Jazz Club” by journalist writer Antón Castro, and the projection of the paintings by César Sánchez, Javi Hernandez and George Ward, along with photographs by Javier Cruces (three Goya Awards in photography), author of the album cover. Luxury artists to shape a multidisciplinary album that harmonizes various arts: music, literature, painting and photography, which make this album a collector's item.

626 Club

"626 Club" Album

New album available!

It includes seven original songs of the quartet that will take you to a dream Jazz Club (it also contains four takes of the melody of the song "626 Club" and an audio story).


Cover César Sánchez Vázquez with drawing '626 Club'. Back cover Georges Ward with painting 'Biosphere' (fragment). Inside: Story titled 'A visit to the Jazz Club' by Antón Castro, drawing 'Pianist' (Page 14) by Javi Hernández, paintings 'Circular dream XIII' (Page 3), 'Circular dream XII' (Page 6) and George Ward Butterflies. Photographs by Javier Cruces.

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